KENWOOD DMR two way radios

KENWOOD Digital Mobile Radios (DMR)

Perfect for all applications.....including yours

The KENWOOD DMR range provide a simple, affordable digital two-way radio solution employing 2-slot TDMA in a 12.5 kHz channel, effectively doubling the capacity of existing 12.5 kHz equipment.

They have been designed to meet the needs of operations and business critical users requiring a cost effective voice and text/status message based communication system in a simple ETSI compliant format.

NX-1000 Series two-way radios

Feature-rich, entry-level hand-portable DMR radios.

While positioned as the entry-level to KENWOOD DMR, the radios offer features and functionality you would usually find only in much higher priced models including automatic Digital / Analogue mixed-mode operation, industry-renowned KENWOOD audio quality, advanced worker safety features and performance in a budget-friendly price point.

These are the four models we recommend for use throughout Poland:

NX-1200DE2 & NX-1300DE2 KENWOOD two-way radio

(VHF) NX-1200DE2
(UHF) NX-1300DE2

VHF/UHF DMR/Analogue Portable Radio with standard keypad.

NX-1200DE3 & NX-1300DE3 KENWOOD two-way radio

(VHF) NX-1200DE3
(UHF) NX-1300DE3

VHF/UHF DMR/Analogue Portable Radio without display and keypad.

For a quick overview, watch the NX-1000 Series video below


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