KENWOOD DMR two way radios

KENWOOD Digital Mobile Radios (DMR)

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The KENWOOD DMR range provide a simple, affordable digital two way radio solution employing 2-slot TDMA in a 12.5 kHz channel, effectively doubling the capacity of existing 12.5 kHz equipment.
They have been designed to meet the needs of operations and business critical users requiring a cost effective voice and text/status message based communication system in a simple ETSI compliant format and offer the benefi ts of increased range, improved sound quality, security, advanced lone worker safety features, long battery life and the ability to ‘Autosense’ the Received Mode (Digital or Analogue).
The range includes entry/low, mid and fully featured high-tier models with and without GPS and in both simple and keypad plus high resolution colour 2” TFT display versions, which comply with ETSI DMR Standard TS 102 361-1, -2 & -3 and operate in DMR Tier II Digital and FM Analogue modes (even on the same channel).


Unlike some other makes of DMR hand-portables, all KENWOOD two way radios feature automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation. This key feature means that calls initiated by an analogue radio on your network can be received automatically by a KENWOOD DMR radio and the same DMR radio user can respond without having to manually switch to analogue operating mode.


KENWOOD DMR - digital mobile radios
KENWOOD DMR - digital mobile radios
KENWOOD DMR - mixed mode digital radios

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